Home and Clinic Based Services

Services are primarily provided in the family home or community and may vary in intensity, application and duration depending on the needs of the family. Home-based services are designed through a planning process that mandates the active participation of the family as members of the home-based services team. The resulting plan of service becomes the on-going guideline for service delivery. The plan of service is a comprehensive plan which identifies family strengths and needs, determines appropriate interventions and identifies resources developed in collaboration with family members and other agencies. We can also provide these same services at our offices in Concord, where our fully-stocked playrooms allow children with or without their parents to explore, heal and grow.


All services are free of charge to MediCal-eligible families. A limited number of slots each year are available free of charge to all others. A number of services are available for a fee. Please contact the intake coordinator for details about eligibility.

Who to contact

For all eligibility and intake information, please contact our intake coordinator at (925) 671-0777, ext. 226.
For other questions about mental health services, please call Kim Beckham, Director Mental Health Services at (925) 671-0777, ext. 106.

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