The Wraparound process requires that families, providers, and key members of the family’s social network collaborate to craft a mission statement and a plan for achieving their goals. That plan might include vocational training for parents, drug-free housing, or extra support for teachers—whatever the child and family need. Team members then implement the plan and continue to meet regularly to monitor progress and make adjustments to the plan as necessary. The team continues its work until members reach a consensus that a formal wraparound process is no longer needed. Each family is assigned a facilitator and a “parent partner,” parents and grandparents who can make a strong connection to new participants because they have gone through the process themselves.



All services are free of charge to MediCal-eligible families. A limited number of slots each year are available free of charge to all others. A number of services are available for a fee. Please contact the intake coordinator for details about eligibility.

Who to contact

For all eligibility and intake information, please contact our Wraparound Facilitator, Karen Soto at (925) 671-0777, ext. 117. For other questions about mental health services, please contact Kim Beckham, Director Mental Health Services at (925) 671-0777, ext. 106.

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