Board Members

Marc Greenberg

Board Position: Chairperson
Employer: Pixar Animation Studios
Position: Vice President, Finance and Strategy

I’ve known about the amazing work at We Care Services for Children ever since my wife Wendy first started working there in 1997. But I learned of the real magic of the children when we adopted our son Brendan, a 2002 We Care graduate. We Care turned out to be a perfect fit for me, joining my experience with an amazing cause and an inspiring team dedicated to making a difference in so many lives.

Board members can make a difference. An active board like We Care’s provides leadership to the senior management team, acts as a sounding board for key decisions, and offers key connections to the community, particularly for fundraising. What’s even more amazing about being involved at We Care is that the rewards of Board membership swing both ways. I feel more connected to my community and I am contributing to a place that made such a difference in my own life, as well as helping to ensure We Care’s place in the lives of so many future families. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I encourage everyone to find their inspiration and get involved.

To We Care, most recently and significantly, I bring my experience as Vice President, Finance & Strategy at Pixar, where I oversee teams that are responsible for accounting, finance and facilities, as well as overall studio strategy.

Dirk Fitzgerald

Board Position: Vice Chairperson
Employer: RC Fisher & Co.
Position: Principal Owner

My connection with We Care Services for Children covers over a 20-year relationship through the Walnut Creek Kiwanis Club. We Care has always been a primary beneficiary of the Kiwanis’ “Children-Priority One” campaign; either through direct donations or assistance with organizations such as “Bikes for Tykes.” I have always been a firm believer in We Care’s Mission Statement of giving children with special needs the skills for a better start in life!

I am an insurance agency principle with R. C. Fischer & Co. in Walnut Creek. I have 22 years of experience in employee benefits which allows me to assist the organization in analyzing cost effective ways to control insurance costs. I am also a member of the State Bar of California.

Sandy Warren

Board Position: Secretary
Employer: Retired Meals on Wheels Executive Director

When I retired as Executive Director of Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services, I was very interested in working with an agency that focused on children. We Care has an excellent reputation in the community and I was excited to bring my background in both the public and private sectors to help the agency continue to grow. Since joining the We Care Board, I understand the agency’s programs even better and feel how much they help the community. I am proud to be a member of the Board.

Michael Zylstra

Board Position: Treasurer
Employer: Cornish & Carey Commercial Real Estate
Position: Vice President

My wife and I are blessed with two typically developing children who are now ages 6 and 8. I had thought about donating time to a local not-for-profit once the busy years of toddlers were behind us. Having young children and understanding how much nurturing is needed for them to develop made the decision to work with We Care an easy one. I was introduced to We Care by another board member, and once I understood some of the many wonderful services provided by We Care, it reinforced my decision.

I am a commercial real estate agent with a financial services background and was asked by a board member for my opinion on some of We Care’s facilities planning. I hope to provide some new insight and vision from a facilities and financial perspective as the organization grows and seeks ways to better serve its clients. As I learn more about the not-for-profit and children’s services business, I hope to be a valuable resource to the organization in the increasingly important role of raising local awareness and corporate financial support for We Care.

Paul de Paschalis

Board Position: Board Member
Employer: Wells Fargo Bank
Position: Vice President, Technology Manager

In 1979, I was first introduced to We Care through De La Salle high school’s intern program. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life seeing the difference We Care made in the lives of families right in my own neighborhood. The experience impacted me so deeply that I went back to We Care for another 1-2 years volunteering and working with the kids that meant so much to me. Additionally, I dedicated myself to working with kids in various capacities like coaching soccer and mentoring for the next 10-15 years. Every one of those experiences helped me to grow and made me feel connected to the community.

When I was given the opportunity in 2009 to become involved again in a board member capacity, I jumped at the chance. I have worked for the past 25+ years as a Technology professional and consultant in the Bay Area for Fortune 500 corporations. My roles have varied but I have consistently been given the opportunity to leverage my skills in analysis, communications, project management and leadership with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. I am eager to put all of these qualities to work in a board member capacity for such a great organization as We Care. I am once again inspired by the dedication and commitment of the staff to helping the children and families of We Care and I am very proud to be part of the team.

Valerie Weaver

Board Position: Board Member
Employer: Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery
Position: Technical Services Manager

Being a member of the We Care Services for Children Board has given me an opportunity to become a part of a tremendous organization, which is dedicated to helping children in our local community. As the Technical Services Manager at Tesoro/Golden Eagle Refinery, I bring to the Board experience in project management, personnel, finance, and business.

Through my involvement with We Care, I hope to find many ways to use my background to help strengthen our community, while helping to ensure that children with special needs continue to receive the services they need to lead productive adult lives.

Maureen Bullotta

Board Member – Alumni Parent

Currently I am a stay at home mom of three. My two older children are typically developing kids. Hudson, my third, is special needs and is a 2010 graduate of We Care. Being a parent of a special needs child can bring to life a passion in you, an aggression, a dedication and fight that you may never have had the chance to uncover otherwise. Your child, never having a chance to attend a school like We Care, is much the same… you may never come across teachers who share that same passion, aggression, dedication and fight as you do. Being at We Care for me was the difference between being lost and being found. At this school, I felt found.

When the opportunity was presented to become a board member, it immediately felt right. I feel like this will be my way of giving back to a place that gave me hope.

I am very excited about this new venture in my life. My goal just starting out is to help new parents feel connected, safe, cared for; to assist in creating a cohesive environment, as well as, encouraging alumni parents and families to remain involved as much they would like once their child has graduated.

Mike McCluer

Board Position: Board Member
Employer: Self-Employed

I have always enjoy helping people, the under privileged and especially children. I have served on non profits and when I heard of this opportunity to join the We Care Board, read their mission and talked to friends, it became clear this is the right organization to join, be passionate about help achieve its mission and have fun!

I have been a CFO, COO and led strategy for large and small organizations. I have worked at 3 non profits, worked in for profits, have significant experience in healthcare and I was Executive Director/President for one of those non profits. I feel my above skills will be helpful to the Board and Community we serve in accomplishing our mission.

Courtney Bennett

Board Position: Board Member
Employer: Consultant

Our son attended an early intervention program at We Care at a pivotal point in his development, and we are deeply grateful for the difference that We Care made in his (and our family’s) life. He gained confidence and critical skills, and we saw that the right placement would make all the difference for his development. I believe deeply in the importance of early intervention and appreciate the support that We Care provides for families with children with disabilities.

After earning a doctorate in communication, I have primarily worked as a consultant to foundations, non-profits and hospitals. I also provide direct service to children in the child welfare system as an adoption mediator.

Vidya Iyengar

Board Position: Board Member
Employer: Kaiser Permanente

I have spent my entire professional career serving adults, children and families in a variety of healthcare settings. Building on their individual strengths and playing a role in the success they achieve has been the most rewarding part of these experiences. I am amazed and humbled by the many ways that people with varying degrees of ability have touched my life and influenced both my professional and personal worldviews.

I migrated to the US from India more than a decade ago and have made the East Bay my home for the past several years. The experience of moving from one country to another as an adult has taught me the value of embracing the similarities and differences that we each bring to our communities and the world around us. A strengths based approach to me is key to support each other in achieving the best that we are capable of.

These values of mine attracted me to join We Care Services for Children. The values and mission of this organization are aligned with a shared purpose to ensure the success of the children and families they serve. I am honored to be part of this community.

Nicole Brocato

Board Position: Board Member
Employer: Kaiser Permanente
Position: : Area Quality Leader

I am a Board member of We Care because of the wonderful opportunities that are created for children by the services provided at We Care. I have been blessed with a typical developing, healthy six year old daughter. As a single mother I know how difficult it is raising a child that does not have special needs and can only imagine the challenges of balancing work and finding the best resources for a child. I hope to raise awareness of all the programs offered at We Care so all children of our community can benefit from these resources.

I have been a registered nurse for fifteen years and know the importance of early intervention in a person’s life. I have worked the spectrum of possible positions in Nursing from bedside care to hospital administration.