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Family Quotes

“From the day we first visited until our very last day, the program and staff proved to be exceptional. Our daughter learned sign language (her first communication with us) and then spoken language. She blossomed into a capable and confident 3 year old.”

– Patricia

“Before Michael was enrolled, our family life was a jumble. Michael had not yet been diagnosed as Autistic, but it was clear he had many challenges that disrupted our lives. It is hard to describe the immediate progress we saw. The changes started overnight and made a vast improvement on our family life. Within one month the screaming stopped, tantrums were rare, and my son no longer cried tears of frustration because his mommy couldn’t understand him.”

– Annette

“With my son, everything is a great achievement because he wasn’t expected to live; he had only 10% survival rate. In the beginning, he couldn’t walk or talk. To see him here at We Care, now walking and beginning to talk, makes me happy. He has improved in every area.”

– Judy

“The experiences and programs provided are outstanding. The children have so many opportunities to learn that it is no wonder so much growth occurs in the children while they are at We Care.”

– Cara

“Words cannot express our gratitude for the wonderful experience you have provided Katie. We are so appreciative of the love and patience you have showered upon her. She has flourished and is well equipped for her next set of challenges. Although we leave here reluctantly (I would send her here through high school if I thought you would let me!), we know she is ready to move on.”

– Stephanie

“It’s absolutely incredible.  I went from thinking that one of my twins wasn’t going to walk – and now he is running around happy.”

– Pam

“Sean has made a lot of growth these past few months and I give credit to the staff for working with him in a consistent and positive way and making learning fun.”

– Nicole