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Agency Addresses

2191 Kirker Pass Road
Concord, CA 94521
1450 Civic Court, Suite 200
Concord, CA 94520

Agency Fax Numbers

(925) 681-1614 – Kirker Pass (925) 685-0377 – Civic Court

Agency Phone Number

(925) 671-0777


Pete Caldwell, MFT
Executive Director
Ext. 104
Diane Herold
Administrative Coordinator
Ext. 101
Daria Franklin
Administrative Coordinator
Ext. 118
Sherry Mullin
Administrative Coordinator
Ext. 223
Montree Reynolds
Director of Operations
Ext. 116

Community Relations,
Donations and Volunteering

Barbara Langsdale
Director of Marketing and Communications
Ext. 108
Daniella Lopez
Marketing and Communications Associate
Ext. 116

Program Directors

Darcie Azzolini, MA
Director of Developmental Services
Ext. 226
Dr. Kelly Ransom
Director of Mental Health Services
Ext. 106

Staff – Mental Health

Amber Pierre
Family Therapist
Ext. 122
Candace Arrow
Family Therapist
Ext. 123
Sarah Cunningham
Clinical Supervisor/Family Therapist
Ext. 105
Chrissy Jallad
Katie A. ICC/Family Therapist
Ext. 114
Gail Gordon
Family Therapist
Ext. 103
Jill Pettegrew
QA Coordinator/Family Therapist
Ext. 107
Karen Soto
Wraparound Facilitator
Ext. 117
Lesley Hilp
Family Therapist
Ext. 109
Marcela Ribeiro
Family Partner/Family Intervention Specialist
Ext. 115
Melissa Cassem
Family Intervention Specialist
Ext. 121
Patty Surmann
CCS Consultant
Ext. 216
Phuong Seltzer
CCS Coordinator
Ext. 252
Roxanne Bellotti
Clinical Trainer/Family Therapist
Ext. 102
Ryannah Tannarome
Family Therapist
Ext. 113
Shelly Kwak
Family Therapist
Ext. 120

Staff – Developmental

Adriana Marquez
Little Learners Teacher Associate
Ext. 233
Caroline Cubre
Mental Health Behavioral Specialist
Ext. 229
Cambria Mittelbusher
Busy Builders Teacher Associate
Ext. 230
Elysa Underwood
Speech Language Pathologist
Ext. 225
Estefany Delgadillo
TLC Teacher Associate
Ext. 215
Gwen McBride
Little Learners Head Teacher
Ext. 233
Hanna Perez
Developmental Playgroup Teacher Associate
Ext. 213
Joycelin Umanzar
EXP Teacher Associate
Ext. 235
Irma Alcaraz
Busy Builder Head Teacher
Ext. 230
Kristan Flynn
Mental Health Behavioral Specialist (Floater)
Ext. 221
Kathy Youngson
Lead Occupational Therapist
Ext. 220
Leeann Baxter
TLC Teacher Associate
 Ext. 220
Lindsey Darden
Site Supervisor
Ext. 237
Lupe Henriquez
Lead Child Development Specialist
Ext. 213
Maria Campoverde
TLC Head Teacher
Ext. 215
Mary Reyna
Family Therapist
Ext. 242
Masako Poeppel
EXP Head Teacher
Ext. 235
Yolanda “Yoli” Overton
Mental Health Behavioral Specialist
Ext. 211