Early Connections: Infant-Caregiver Bonding Program

Create early connections with your infant to build a strong, healthy foundation for their future.

Becoming a caregiver is a profound journey filled with joy and challenges. Becoming responsible for a new life can spark overwhelming feelings of love and fear, often at a level you may have never experienced before. These feelings, positive or negative, can influence your experience and how you connect with your new infant. Reflections on how we were parented may also intensify our reactions and feelings, making bonding with our infants challenging. 

At We Care, we understand this and are here to support you and your infant with our Early Connections: Infant-Caregiver Bonding Program.

Our 24-week program for caregivers with infants, up to age one, provides dedicated support during this transformative time. Our knowledgeable, caring specialists will meet with you either in the comfort of your own home or at our family-friendly offices to explore your concerns, dreams, and goals for your family and create a bonding experience tailored to your and your infant’s unique needs.

  • Understand how to manage postpartum recovery from high-risk pregnancies, whether for birth mothers or caregivers supporting them.
  • Develop healing and coping mechanisms for current or past depression and anxiety.
  • Learn techniques to strengthen your bond and enhance communication with your infant.
  • Interpret the reasons behind your infant’s crying, receive support as you explore your reactions, and discover the most effective ways to respond.
  • Address growth concerns with professional support.
  • Navigate the significant life changes of welcoming a new infant.

Together, we will create early connections that benefit both you and your infant.

For more information, please call (925) 671-0777 ext. 117 or email ksoto@wecarechildren.org

We Care’s Early Connections: Infant-Caregiver Bonding Program provides the meaningful support and guidance you need to deepen your connection with your new infant through daily interactions. This program is offered at no cost to families covered by full-scope Medi-Cal.

Early Connections Flyer (English)
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