Activity Ideas for Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills

Posted by admin on June 27

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Gross Motor

  • Crumple up paper into a ball and throw it into a laundry basket or wastebasket.
  • Fill several 2-liter bottles with water, glue the lid on and then log roll on the floor to knock them down (or knock down a stack of empty shoe boxes).
  • Practice jumping by holding onto a chair or solid object or jump on an old couch cushion.
  • Use blue painter’s tape to make shapes on the floor/carpet. Hop in and out of the shapes, walk or hop on the lines, or wheel barrow walk on the lines.


Fine Motor

  • Cut rings from an empty paper towel roll and practice ‘bead stringing’ by putting them on a wooden spoon handle.
  • Use straws that are cut to different lengths and practice putting them in the shaker side of an empty Parmesan cheese container. Other small items can be put into the ‘pour’ side of the lid.
  • Use ice tongs or sugar cube tongs to pick up small items such as pom poms, cotton balls, or small pieces of paper rolled into balls.
  • Use a small, empty water bottles and practice pincher grasp by putting raisins or cheerios or beads in it.
  • Practice oral strengthening by blowing a variety of light items off the table or into a cup turned on its side. Craft pom poms, cotton balls, and small pieces of paper rolled into balls work well.